With the frontier markets of Africa in the early stages of a population boom, there is a good possibility of creating the largest opportunity in the world for sales opportunities

Though Africa is challenging in many ways, it offers arguably the widest array of market options – from enormous growth in domestic markets to sustainable business opportunities. The demand side is also trending and more markets across the continent are integrating, which reduces costs and increase opportunities. This presents vast opportunities for companies that are into cabling, industrial consumables, chemicals, logistics services, telecommunications, construction and land intensive industries. However, to decide which market to start can be overwhelming for companies and investors.

Alstro intends to facilitate the trade and make it work better in these frontier markets for the small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore and overseas. Our regional imprints across the continent, the infrastructure available within the group and its business associates coupled with the local cultural and market information available, can be used by enterprises in venturing into the markets by forging a relationship with Alstro.

In the process Alstro would like to participate in complementing the manufacturing and services industry across the continent and in Singapore, thereby complimenting the business of the SMEs and other overseas suppliers