Electro-galvanised steel sheet consists of a cold rolled steel substrate coated with zinc by electrolytic deposition on a continuous line. The electro-galvanising process permits the coating of either one or both sides of the sheet, and the coating of different thicknesses of zinc on the two sides of the sheet.

Electro-galvanised steel sheet is intended for applications involving all forming, drawing, stretching and bending processes during the manufacture of articles. A range of coating thicknesses is offered, with a corresponding increase in corrosion protection.


Standard surface

Light matt - general exposed applications

Normal matt - general purpose applications

Matt - unexposed drawing and pressing applications

Improved surface finish

Light matt and matt

Surface treatment

Electro-galvanised sheet may be supplied with one of the following surface treatments:

  • oiled
  • chromate rinsed
  • chromate rinsed and oiled
  • phosphate phosphated, chromate rinsed (oiling optional)
  • as coated (untreated)
Coating Designation Description Nominal Coating Thickness per side (μm) Nominal Coating Mass per unit per side(g/m²) Minimum Coating Mass per unit per side(g/m²)
 ZE 25/25  Normal coating  2,5/2,5  18/18  12/12
 ZE 50/50  Heavy coating  5,0/5,0  36/36  28/28
 ZE 75/75  Heavy coating 7,5/7,5  54/54  47/47
 ZE 50/0  One-sided coating  5,0/5,0  36/0  28/0
 ZE 75/0  One-sided coating  7,5/0,0 54/0  47/0
 ZE 100/0  One-sided coating  10,0/0,0  72/0  65/0

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